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: God's Shadow: Sultan Selim, His Ottoman Empire, and the Making of the Modern World
: Alan Mikhail
: Liveright
: 2020
: epub
: 483
: 54.7

Long neglected in world history, the Ottoman Empire was a hub of intellectual fervor, geopolitical power, and enlightened pluralistic rule. At the height of their authority in the sixteenth century, the Ottomans, with extraordinary military dominance and unparalleled monopolies over trade routes, controlled more territory and ruled over more people than any world power, forcing Europeans out of the Mediterranean and to the New World.

Yet, despite its towering influence and centrality to the rise of our modern world, the Ottoman Empires history has for centuries been distorted, misrepresented, and even suppressed in the West. Now Alan Mikhail presents a vitally needed recasting of Ottoman history, retelling the story of the Ottoman conquest of the world through the dramatic biography of Sultan Selim I (14701520).

Born to a concubine, and the fourth of his sultan fathers ten sons, Selim was never meant to inherit the throne. With personal charisma and military prowess?as well as the guidance of his remarkably gifted mother, G?lbahar?Selim claimed power over the empire in 1512 and, through ruthless ambition, nearly tripled the territory under Ottoman control, building a governing structure that lasted into the twentieth century. At the same time, Selim?known by his subjects as Gods Shadow on Earth?fostered religious diversity, welcoming Jews among other minority populations into the empire; encouraged learning and philosophy; and penned his own verse.


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