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: Pamela Crabtree
: Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia
: Routledge
: 2000
ISBN: 978-0815312864
: Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages (Book 4)
: English
: pdf
: 16,1 mb
: 448

Medieval archaeology is one of the fastest-growing fields in archaeology today. Road construction and urban redevelopment have led to the discovery of new rural sites. The rich medieval archaeological database has been used to address a range of important theoretical concerns in contemporary archaeology. Carefully collected faunal and floral data have been used to address problems of human economy and the natural environment in the Middle Ages. Data from medieval excavations, especially when combined with detailed documentary research, are especially well suited to addressing some of the important issues in post-processual archaeological theory, including questions of gender, agency, and power. In addition, the Medieval period in Europe witnesses the origin and growth of cities, the development of long-distance trade and craft specialization, and the formation of political states.

This volume is designed to provide the interested reader with a guide to contemporary research in medieval archaeology. It includes country and regional surveys for many areas of Europe, entries that focus on major archaeological sites and research programs, and entries that deal with specific technologies and archaeological concepts.



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