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: Good Housekeeping Simple Cleaning Wisdom: 450 Easy Shortcuts for a Fresh & Tidy Home
: Good Housekeeping and Carolyn Forte
: Hearst
: 2018
: 30
: / English

This Good Housekeeping guide is so simple and smart it will make you WANT to clean! Get a sparkling home in a snap! Whether youre a cleaning enthusiast or a procrastinator, youre in luck, because no one knows how to keep a home fresh and tidy like the experts at Good Housekeeping. This room-by-room guide is jam-packed with time-saving advice, including information on hardworking Good Housekeeping Institute Lab-tested products.

It features a must-have section on stain removal (a perennial request from the magazines millions of readers) as well as welcome advice on cleaning up after Fido and after the kids. Hundreds of tricks and tips for taking care of everything from grease stains to kitchen odors, laundry mishaps, and carpet catastrophes will help you clean faster, declutter more easily, tackle trouble spots, simplify big jobs, and accomplish more in less time.

Good Housekeeping Simple Cleaning Wisdom reveals:

Pillow talk on choosing the right one, when to replace it, and how to protect it against allergens
How to fix laundry disastersincluding when colors from one garment bleed onto another
Three mistakes that ruin wood
Patio, porch, and deck spruce ups, plus ideas to keep your grill sizzling (hint: ditch the wire brush)
How to put a stop to mold and mildew
How to freshen up a guest room . . . fastand speed clean in the house in minutes


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