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: Marijuana Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Like A Pro
: Mediman
: Green Candy Press
: 2012
: 13
: / English

Much like the do-it-yourself pocket guides that make home improvement seem unintimidating, Marijuana Made Simple walks the reader through every single step of growing, using no-nonsense language and easy-to-follow instructions. Each step is supported by illustrative photos and the many photo essays make this book a complete resource; everything readers need to have a successful home grow is covered. Designed for the absolute beginner as well as those looking to simplify their grow while increasing production, Marijuana Made Simple isnt cluttered with extraneous information.

From building a grow room and choosing a strain to creating a mother plant and the easiest way to harvest, Mediman covers all the necessary aspects of cannabis cultivation in an accessible and informative way. He focuses on the different ways to use medical marijuana and how to choose the method and strain to suit a particular problem, making this an indispensible guide for medical marijuana users and suppliers alike.


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