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: The Missing Link: From Basic to Beautiful Wirework Jewelry
: Cindy Wimmer
: Interweave
: 2013
: epub
: 160
: 12.6 Mb
: English

Explore the most fundamental and versatile--yet overlooked--component of jewelry designthe wire link! Unlike many transient jewelry fads, it is one aspect of jewelry making that is consistent and relevant to nearly every style.
Get all the details of essential tools and wire techniques as well as a collection of 30 custom links and step-by-step illustrated instructions for creating them. Join a variety of contributors that have created 15 jewelry projects, each incorporating one or more of author Cindy Wimmer's links. You'll see how any single link holds limitless design and functional possibilities.
In addition to creating different links, Cindy will show you how to create different effects with the same link design by using or combining different colored wire, changing wire gauge, or changing the size of the link itself.


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