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: Building Decks (Black & Decker Home Improvement Library)
: Black & Decker Editors
: Creative Publishing
: 1991
: 128
: 100
: English

Building Decks is your complete guide to Americas favorite do-it-yourself project. By building your own deck, you can add value to your home while creating additional living space for enjoying the outdoors.

Unique among books of its kind, Building Decks contains hundreds of step-by-step color photographs that lead you through every stage of deck construction. From drawing design plans to finishing and maintaining your completed deck - nothing is left to chance.

In Building Decks youll learn:

- How to design a deck that fulfills your needs and complements the best features of your building site
- Ways you can personalize your deck by using alternate design elements and construction methods
- How to choose lumber and hardware that will guarantee a strong and durable deck
- Simple techniques for addinga stairway and railings to your deck
- Easy methods for finishing your deck and maintaining its new appearance

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- Everyday Home Repairs
- Decorating With Paint & Wallcovering
- Carpentry: Tools-Walls-Shelves-Doors
- Kitchen Remodeling


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