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: The Right-Size Flower Garden
: Kerry Ann Mendez
: St. Lynn's Press
: 2015
: 65
: / English

Today, the reality of a bigger is better garden no longer holds the same allure as a small is beautiful one. Were busy, were aging, and the demands of the garden can feel overwhelming. What to do? Make smarter use of the space we have and the plants we select, says garden expert Kerry Ann Mendez. In The Right-Size Flower Garden, she shares her successful recipe for having a garden we can manage and love again...the right-size, low maintenance, drought tolerant garden.

The goal is ditching 50% of the work by choosing high-value plants and making simple design changes. Youll learn which plants to switch out, which ones arent worth the effort, and which tools and practices will take the chore out of gardening. The Right-Size Flower Garden is filled with beautiful full-color photos, practical tips, plant this not that lists, and valuable shortcuts to success.


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