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: Living Decor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects - Botanical Styling with Fiddle-Leaf Figs, Monsteras, Air Plants, Succulents, Ferns, and More of Your Favorite Houseplants
: Maria Colletti
: Cool Springs Press
: 2019
: true pdf, epub
: 176
: 40.1 Mb, 35.2 Mb
: English

Welcome houseplants into your space and use them to make beautiful home decor projects that showcase your plants and your creativity.
It's time to change the way we think about houseplants. For too long we have overlooked potted plants and failed to appreciate the many benefits they can bring into our homes: improved air quality, natural decor, brilliant colors, and a greener lifestyle, just to name a few.
Living Decor is a manual to introducing the life, beauty, and health benefits of plants into your home in creative ways. Maria Colletti (Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass) brings fun to creating your own arrangements with moss, succulents, air plants, and other favorite indoor greenery. Also find simple guidance for taking care of your plants and DIY tips.
This guide to houseplants takes you through modern trends in filling your space with plants, such as display with macram?, concrete planters, new plant stands for popular botanicals like Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera, and also shows what a beautiful, unique, and even artistic experience living with plants can be. Step-by-step projects include:
Chandelier-style planters
Moss jar gardens and photo frames
Succulent centerpieces
And more!
Beyond the individual projects, you'll find endless ideas for botanical styling from the author, as well as a large network of shopkeepers and interior designers who bring you into their homes to see remarkable interior design that celebrates everything green.

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