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: A Beginners Guide to Woodturning: Woodturning Techniques, Projects, and Instructions
: Webster Ashley
: Independently Published
: 2021
: 22
: / English

Turning wood can be a relatively low cost hobby (in woodworking all things are relative). A mini-lathe, a set of turning tools, a grinder for sharpening, a work light and some protective gear can be purchased for between $750 and $1000. A mini-lathe can easily be stored under a bench. Setting it all up takes a relatively small amount of space. This book is designed to give you an understanding of the tools used by turners and the skills to safely and effectively use them. Youll practice so that you start to develop a "feel" for turning. The class begins with the fundamental rules for turning spindles safely and confidently and progresses to expanding your newly learned skills to turning of bowls from green (freshly cut) wood.


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