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: Bouquets with Personality
: Lucinda Rooney
: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
: 2021
: 58
: / English

Some flowers are team players, content to let their gently expressive hues and textures take a supporting role in an arrangement or bouquet. Others have a domineering, outgoing nature and always insist on being the center of attention. Recognizing flowers differing personalitiesand blending the meek and the bold together in unusual, romantic, and harmonious waysis at the heart of Lucinda Rooneys floral philosophy. In Bouquets with Personality, Rooney divulges her secrets: the materials and tools shes most fond of using, her design influences, her theory of color, and, most important, her insightful psychology of the botanical realm. Its that in-depth understanding of how flowers and plants convey emotion that makes this book such an informative and inspirational resource for beginning flower-arrangers, seasoned professionals, and anyone who just loves flowers. The pages are graced, throughout, by Mick Hales lovely photos of both individual flowers and completed bouquets.


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