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: Tool Making Projects for Joinery & Woodworking: A Yankee Craftsman's Practical Methods
: Steve Olesin
: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 1892836238
: 2005
: 184
: 100 MB
: English

Take your woodworking to a new level by making your very own handmade tools. Here is a fully illustrated, hands-on guide to making 20 essential hand tools. All of them can be made using common tools in your workshop and easy-to-learn techniques suitable for all skill levels. Joinery and general woodworking tools you'll learn to make include: *Single-beam cutting gauge *Dual-beam marking gauge *Mortising, Dovetail, Joinery Check, and Sliding Bevel gauges *Marking knife *Case-squaring stick *Wooden square *Backsaw *Bucksaw *Bench and Shoulder plane *Cam clamp *Bench hook *Shooting board *And more! Tool Making Projects for Joinery & Woodworking will teach you the joys of crafting beautiful and practical items using tools made with your own two hands. The book also includes lessons on how to use these tools to cut mortise and tenon joints and dovetail joints. Step-by-step explanations are paired with helpful and instructive photos and illustrations for quick reference. With these humble but effective tools and the techniques that come with them, you'll be able to create the frame and box joints that form the core of many pieces of furniture or other woodworking projects. You can even craft your own tool tote to carry your new creations! And going forward, you'll have the confidence to experiment and build your skills even further with your very own handmade tools. Fine hand tools enhance any project. And the only thing better is when you've custom-made those fine tools yourself. This book will give you the knowledge and skills to do just that. Happy woodworking!


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