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: Classic Kits: Collecting the Greatest Model Kits in the World, from Airfix to Tamiya
: Arthur Ward
: HarperCollins UK
: 2004
: pdf
: 192
: Mirknig.su
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Classic Kits treats you to an international tour of model-kit history, taking in all the favoritesAirfix, Monogram, Mattel, Frog, Matchbox, Bandai, Merit Aurora, Esci, Heller, Tamiya, Fujimi, Eaglewall, Italeri, and more. Not only does this nostalgic guide allow you to compare and contrast the different models and their historical development (and, in some cases, demise), it also notes the rare and the valuable, so you can re-evaluate those pieces you have stored in your attic. Packed with color photos and valuable information for collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, Classic Kits is a one-of-a-kind history of the giants of miniature modeling.


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