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: The Oxford Classical Dictionary
: Editors Simon Hornblower, Antony Spawforth
: Oxford University Press
: 1999
: 1698
: 177,45
: English

Praised by playwright Arthur Miller as "a delight for anyone with any curiosity about the roots of our Western culture" and by Booklist as "the single most heavily used book on classical studies," The Oxford Classical Dictionary is without doubt the definitive one-volume resource on ancient Greece and Rome. Now this redoubtable classic is available in electronic form on CD-ROM.
Here are over six thousand A to Z entries, ranging from long articles to biographies to brief identifications. Readers can find information on virtually any aspect of the classical world--athletics, bee-keeping, botany, magic, Roman law, philosophy, religious rites, postal service, slavery, navigation, and the reckoning of time.


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