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: Low Carb High Fat Bread: Gluten- and Sugar-Free Baguettes, Loaves, Crackers, and More
: Mariann Andersson
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2015
ISBN: 9781632200341
: epub
: 104
: 20,5 mb
: English

Bread is such an integral part of our daily diet that it tends to be what we miss the most when embarking on a low carb high fat or gluten-free diet. After the initial excitement fades, it doesnt take long for the aroma of a freshly baked, warm-from-the-oven loaf to waft into our memory. At last, with Low Carb High Fat Bread, those following low-carb and gluten-free lifestyles can once again bite into delicious, crusty bread.

LCHF breads are made with an egg base and contain vitamins, minerals, and protein. This makes LCHF bread highly nutritious, substantial, and satisfying for a hearty snack or even a light lunch. Plus, these recipes are quick and easy to make; simply mix the dough, shape, and bake.

Low Carb High Fat Bread includes forty delicious recipes, including:

Basil loaf
Monkey bread
Foccacia with red onion and Parmesan
Hotdog and hamburger buns

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