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: Rediscovering Healthy Eating With 101 Indian Instant Pot Recipes
: Sherry Heckert
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
: 2018
: 2
: / English

Whatever the case, this Indian Instant Pot Cookbook will skyrocket your cooking skills, inspiring you to create authentic Indian instant pot recipes in the comfort of your kitchen! Keto Indian Instant Pot Recipes Ready In Just a Few Minutes! Whether youre a novice or expert chef, you can now prepare your own mouth-watering Indian instant pot recipes within 10-15 minutes. And while flavor is the key feature of your Indian recipes, we make sure you stick to your healthy eating habits, too.

Because this Indian recipe book relies on the principles of Keto Indian under pressure diet, to speed up your metabolism, help you burn calories easier and maintain a slender, healthy figure! Chillis, curries and all famous Indian gourmet dishes will spice up your daily family meals or dinners with friends- healthy, mouth-watering recipes prepared fast with the technique of cooking under pressure!


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