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:Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta: 100 Quick and Easy Recipes
: Giuliano Hazan, Joseph De Leo
: 2009
: epub
: 198
: Mirknig.su
: 13,05
: english

Now that Americas low-carb obsession is over, home cooks are once again looking to prepare well-balanced meals that include everyones favorite food pasta. Few of us, though, have the leisure to create a classic Bolognese meat sauce from scratch. For those who are as pressed for time as they are starved for a toothsome bowl of beautifully sauced pasta, Giuliano Hazan has created 100 scrumptious pasta dishes that can be put together in half an hour or less. Hazans repertoire hearty pasta soups, fresh-from-the-greenmarket vegetarian dishes, and meat and seafood sauces that take their cue from the classics of Italian cuisine will let you bring healthful, hunger-satisfying pasta back to your familys weeknight-supper table. Included are recipes for last-minute dishes, as well as useful advice on stocking your pasta pantry, choosing cooking equipment, and figuring out which pasta shape goes with which kind of sauce.


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