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: 201 Recipes You'll Make Forever: Classic Recipes for Today's Home Cooks
: Taste of Home
: Reader's Digest
: 2019
: 107
: / English

Taste of Home 201 Recipes Youll Make Forever
All the classic, must-have recipes that every home cook should know! Meatloaf. Brownies. Fried chicken. Chocolate cake. Lasagna. Pot roast. Gingerbread. Apple pie. Chicken Noodle Soup. These are the recipes that every home cook relies onthe classics that form the cornerstone of American family cooking. Whether youre a newlywed starting your own family, a graduate soon to be out on your own or an experienced cook who simply wants all the greatest hitstested and perfectedin one convenient place, this volume is a must have. These recipes are the ones youll turn to time and again, and Taste of Home 201 Recipes You'll Make Forever is the book will be the one you continuously reach for.


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