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Greece and Rome
: Greece and Rome
: John P.O'Neill, Mark D. Greenberg (editors)
: Metropolitan Museum
: 1987
: 158
: 40 mb
: English

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Greece and Rome presents the Metropolitan Museum's collections of classical art, which range from early Cycladic
pieces dating from about 2700 B.C. to works created in Rome at the time of the conversion to Christianity
of the emperor Constantine in A.D. 312.

Among the important examples of Greek art presented in this volume are the Cycladic Harp Player, made in about 2700 B.C.;
Cypriot sarcophagi from the fifth century B.C.; an Attic kouros from the sixth century B.C.

Roman art is represented by examples of late republican wall painting, silver, and glass, and by portrait busts
or statues of her emperors, their consort and relatives, as well as of anonymous citizensgiving us a broad picture
of the styles and attitudes favored during Rome's long history.


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