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Degas (The Life and Work of the Artist)
: Sandra Orienti
: Degas (The Life and Work of the Artist)
: Grosset & Dunlap
: 1969
: 124
: English
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Edgar-Hilaire-Germain de Gas was born in Paris on 19 July 1834. As a child, his father took him to see the works of the masters at the Louvre, and he later became acquainted with some of the best-known collectors and connoisseurs of his time. In 1845 he went to the Lycee Louis-le-Grand, where he met Henri Rouart, who was to remain a close friend all his life. In 1847, his mother died. In 1852 Edgar Degas took his baccalauréat, left school, and began to study law. But although his father wanted a safe and traditional legal career for his son, he was sympathetic enough to his artistic interests to give him a studio in the family apartment in the Rue Mondovi; he allowed him to study drawing with Louis Lamothe, a pupil of Ingres, to work in the studio of the painter Barrias, and to spend time copying paintings and prints by Durer, Mantegna, Goya and Rembrandt in the Louvre. By 1853 Edgar was devoting all his attention to art


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