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: Cezanne: 130+ Portrait Paintings - Post-Impressionism - Paul Cezanne - Annotated Series
: Daniel Ankele, Denise Ankele
: Ankele Publishing, LLC
: 2014
: 151
: epub
: 14.76 MB

Paul Cezanne: Portraits Art Book contains 130+ Reproductions of Oil and Watercolor Portraits, Religious and Genre Scenes annotations and biography. Book includes Table of Contents, Top 50 Museums of the World and is compatible with all Kindle devices, Kindle for iOS and Android tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).

The bearded Provencal leans disconcertingly into his subject, the mighty Mont Sainte-Victoire in the distance. He has painted this mountain many times before, buthis tenacious concentration is not dimmed as his bloodshot eyes bulge out of his head, reaching toward nature. Then, adding an overlapping layer of tone and form, he daubs another patch of color, building carefully towards realization.

Even more than most artists, Paul Cezannes life was his work. As his friend and fellow-painter Emile Bernard once said, his method of study was a meditation with a brush in his hands. His times were tumultuous; while Cezanne was still in school, the restored monarchy was dislodged in favor of the Second Republic (1848), which was soon thrust aside as its leader crowned himself the new emperor (1852). And when Cezanne was in his early thirties, struggling to establish himself in the Parisian art scene, the Franco-Prussian War led to the Siege of Paris and the crumbling of the Second Empire as internecine violence gripped the streets. Then the Third Republic and a France that increasingly swept aside old ways in a surge of industrial and urban development. Yet, you must search hard to find signs of these events in Cezannes work (cont).

Cezanne: 130+ Portrait Paintings - Post-Impressionism - Paul Cezanne - Annotated Series


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