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: Come Together - Lennon and McCartney in the Seventies
: Richard White
: Overlook-Omnibus
: 2016
: Epub
: 336
: 11.5 Mb
: English

Although it wasn't made official until 1970, The Beatles -the most influential rock band of the 20th century - spent most of the late 1960s breaking up. The split was marked my animosity and acrimony with pointed conflict between the world's two most acclaimed songwriters of the century: John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Beatles fans know the '70s as a bitter time for the once unstoppable duo. Lawsuits proliferated, as did explosive correspondence between them which dragged their wives Linda and Yoko into the fray. But most fans don't know that McCartney and Lennon nearly renewed their creative alliance in the aftermath of the Beatles, nearly putting aside their differences and reuniting. Come Together is a compelling account of this crucial post-'60s period, providing a fresh insight into the Lennon-McCartney relationship which emphasizes the efforts made by these larger-than-life figures to overcome their enmity and explores the musical ambitions and personal motivations for renewing a creative alliance that would have changed history, had it not been thwarted by circumstances beyond their control.


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