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: Sword Beach: 3rd British Division/27th Armoured Brigade
: Tim Kilvert-Jones
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 0850526736
: 2012
: 192
: 9,6

In this addition to the Battleground World War Two series, Major (retired) Tim Kilvert-Jones focuses on the action by 3rd British Infantry Division and attached units at Sword Beach from D-Day 6th June 1944 to the fall of Caen in July 1944. Following the structure of his previous work in the series Omaha Beach, the author draws on both memoirs and extensive interviews with veterans to create a dynamic guide to book this fascinating story of undaunted courage, and dashed hopes. Caen was the pivotal main objective for General Montgomery's invasion plan.The 3rd Division's failure to capture the city on 6th June lead to major recriminations during and after the war as former allied commanders and other vested interests argued the causes of failure. The truth is as always simpler than the arguments and recriminations. While still struggling to establish a secure beachhead on D-Day.


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