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: Charles D. Melson
: Operation Knight's Move: German Airborne Raid Against Tito, 25 May 1944
: Marine Corps University Press
: 2011
: PDF (e-book)
: 82
: English
: 6 MB

This, the first of a new Studies in Battle series from Marine Corps University Press, is a study of the German Armys World War II airborne attempt to capture Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Marshal Tito.

With Unternehmen R?sselsprung (Operation Knights Move), the late Yugoslav presidents career might have been ended by the Germans on his 52d birthday, 25 May 1944. On that date, Axis forces executed an airborne raid on the Yugoslav Partisan high command at Drvar, Bosnia, that almost succeeded in eliminating Tito. Today, it provides an example of using light infantry in low-intensity or special operations, with unforeseen consequences similar to those experienced by others against irregular opponents.


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