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: The Lost Ranger: A Soldier's Story
: Noel Mehlo
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1500421464
: 2014
: 456
: 30.6

The Lost Ranger is the story of United States Army Staff Sergeant Herbert Stanton Hull in the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion during World War II. It is a story of valor and fortitude. It is a complete analysis of the history of the battalion from 1943 until September 1944. This is the story of his service. He survived the bloody June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach. He was wounded by a landmine while assaulting a fort at Brest, France on September 2, 1944. The fighting was so severe that seventy-five percent of the unit became casualties where the collective memory of the unit was decimated. After lying on the battlefield for hours he was found by his fellow Rangers only to become lost. He was physically lost to his unit and then administratively to the official records of the unit.


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