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Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars
: Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars
: David J. Blackmore
: Trustees of the Royal Armouries
: 1990
ISBN: 0948092084
: 99
: English
: 68 MB

What this publication seeks to do is inform the reader of the Typical arms and armour of the period, how they were used, who made them, what they look like and what are their distintive features. the text is supported by a wide variety of photographs, many black and white and 8 color, Buff coats patterns, Firearms Lock Types, Leather Guns, Cuirassier Armour, Harquebus Armour, Swords, Cavalry Firearms, Pikeman's Armour, for the Scottish Weapon Fans I have to say that they were omitted. This is the first book I bought from the Royal Armouries, fascinating to anyone interested in weapons and equipment of the 17th century Arms and Armour of the ECW armies. the book is only 99 pages but very concise, a very worthwhile volume to add to your library, an absolute must for all English Civil War enthusiasts, armour fans or weapons of the period.


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