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: America and the Great War: A Library of Congress Illustrated History
(): Margaret E. Wagner
: Bloomsbury Press
: 2017
ISBN: 978-1620409824
: 384
: English
: 192 MB

A uniquely colorful chronicle of this dramatic and convulsive chapter in Americanand worldhistory. It's an epic tale, and here it is wondrously well told." David M. Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author of Freedom from Fear
From August 1914 through March 1917, Americans were increasingly horrified at the unprecedented destruction of the First World War. While sending massive assistance to the conflict's victims, most Americans opposed direct involvement. Their country was immersed in its own internal struggles, including attempts to curb the power of business monopolies, reform labor practices, secure proper treatment for millions of recent immigrants, and expand American democracy.
Yet from the first, the war deeply affected American emotions and the nation's commercial, financial, and political interests. The menace from German U-boats and failure of U.S. attempts at mediation finally led to a declaration of war, signed by President Wilson on April 6, 1917.


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