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: World War 2 Submarine Stories: True Stories From the Underwater Battlegrounds, 3rd edition
: Ryan Jenkins
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1507556187
: 2015
: 188
: epub, pdf
: 10.1 MB

Dive into the world of World War 2 Submarines.

One of the greatest fears in life that many people share is that of drowning. Others fear being encased in small cramped spaces with no way out. Those that operate submarines face both. These unique machines are a fairly new machine in the combat at sea in the year 1939. These sailors risked it all for their respective countries to be the silent killers from beneath the waves.

These are the stories of these young men & women who's stories were untold. These untold tales were mostly sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but those who survived live to tell their side of the story.

Learn about the origin of the submarine. Where were they created to begin with? You may be surprised to find out about some of the earliest prototypes and how the concept got started. What country began to use them early on and how was the success?

Find out about the pivotal role of the submarine in WWII. The usage and development of battle strategies may have turned the tide of war.

Read about the heroic men that made the tough decisions to go down with the ship in order to maintain the secrets of the United States. The capture and extraction of information could have given the Germans a winning advantage.

Read about Britains midget sub fleet and how they influenced the modern mini-sub used by todays Special Forces. Find out what the wolfpack is and how that formation created a nearly unstoppable offensive charge against the ships it took on.

While the technology has changed, the courage and bravery that sub crews show with every mission is still the same. Journey through the origins of the original submarine crews and discovery World War 2 history in a whole new light!

World War 2 Submarine Stories: True Stories From the Underwater Battlegrounds, 3rd edition


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