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: Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet
: Andrew Karam
: Sid Harta Publishers
ISBN: 0957870973
: 2002
: 313
: epub, pdf
: 19.4 MB

You've seen The Hunt for Red October and wondered if it was real. Now you'll know. Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet - a book about submarines, written by a submariner. Spend two months in a nuclear fast attack submarine off the coast of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War with Andrew Karam, a decorated veteran of the US submarine force.

Submarines helped the Allies to win the War in the Pacific during World War Two. The submarine force had fewer people, sank more ships, and had a higher loss rate than any other branch of the Navy. During the Cold War, submarines continued this tradition of high return, high-risk missions. About five percent of personnel in the Navy serve on submarines, yet at the time I was on active duty (1981-1989) submarines made up nearly half of our warships. Submarines operate alone for the most part, often right at the edge of territorial waters (although the Plunger never crossed into the territorial waters of any unfriendly nation during my time onboard). Many of our missions took us as close to wartime conditions as we were likely to get without being shot atwhen deployed near the coast of the Soviet Union we typically kept at least two or three of our torpedo tubes loaded with torpedoes or missilesand anyone whos served on a fast attack submarine is likely to have a Naval Expeditionary Award, given to those who serve at, near, or behind the front lines.

Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet


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