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: Beneath Haunted Waters: The Tragic Tale of Two B-24s Lost in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during World War II
(): Peter Stekel
: Lyons Press
: 2017
: 328
: English
: 27 MB

During the World War II years, the convention was to call young men in their late teens to their late 20s, boys. The boys who piloted bombers and fighter aircraft during World War II were 19 or 20 years old - barely out of their childhood. Imagine boarding a 737 today and seeing a teenager at the controls instead of a person with greying temples. That was the situation during the war. Beneath Haunted Waters is a story about that era, when children flew large airplanes equipped with enough firepower to destroy cities. And yet, boys they were, and boys they will always be. But its primarily a story of how they died, not in combat, but by accident. During World War II the USA lost 7100 combat aircraft and 5300 trainers, along with 15,530 pilots, crew members, and ground personnel in over 52,000 domestic accidents.


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