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: Shooter's Bible Guide to Combat Handguns
(): Robert A. Sadowski
: Skyhorse Publishing
: Shooter's Bible Guide
: 2012
: English
: 65 MB

For more than 100 years, Shooters Bible has been the ultimate comprehensive resource for shooting enthusiasts across the board. Trusted by everyone from competitive shooters to hunters to those who keep firearms for protection, this leading series is always expanding. Here is the first edition of the Shooters Bible Guide to Combat Handgunsyour all-encompassing resource with up-to-date information on combat and defensive handguns, training and defensive ammunition, handgun ballistics, tactical and concealment holsters, accessories, training facilities, and more. No Shooters Bible guidebook is complete without a detailed products section showcasing handguns from all across the market. Author Robert Sadowski proves to be a masterful instructor on all aspects of handguns, providing useful information for every reader, from those with combat handgun experience in military and law enforcement fields to private citizens, first-timers, and beyond.


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