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: Pacific Victory: Tarawa to Okinawa 1943-1945
: Derrick Wright
: Sutton Publishing
ISBN: 0750937467
: 2005
: 288
: Mirknig.su
: 106,3

The American 'island-hopping' campaign in the Pacific during the Second World War was a crucial factor in the eventual defeat of Japan in 1945. The assault and capture of these seemingly unimportant islands meant US bombers and their fighter escorts could now reach mainland Japan, eventually crippling Japan's war economy. In November 1943, Tarawa tested the doctrine of seaborne assault to the limit in a 76-hour battle in which Marines waded ashore from the surrounding reefs in the face of murderous enemy fire. Peleliu in September 1944 was the 'unknown battle', where a combination of poor planning, dubious leadership and a major change in Japanese defensive strategy turned what was expected to be a three-day battle into one of the most savage battles of the war.


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