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: 15 Battles That Changed the World
: Robert Silverberg
: G. P. Putnam's Sons
: 1963
: 196
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The history of mankind is too frequently the history of man's wars, for armed conflict has shaped the history of the world. On this note, Robert Silverberg tells the stories of 15 of the world's decisive battles; battles which have been turning points in wars as well as in history. Beginning with the Battle of Marathon and continuing chronologically to the Battle of Stalingrad, the author describes each battle graphically. The battles Mr. Silverberg has chosen to illustrate the course of history are those he feels have been vitally important to the history of the world and at the same time have accomplished something. A major portion of the text is devoted to clarifying the political results, plus some speculation on what might have happened had the tide of each battle been reversed.


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