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: The Best Small Arms in the World War II: History of the Firearms
: Francis W. Brown
: PBS Astreul
: 2019
: 315
: azw3, pdf (conv)
: 13.4 MB

In the presented book we learn about the best models of weapons that were created before the Second World War and during it. In this edition we will get acquainted with machine pistols, machine guns and automatic pistols of various countries.


Machine Guns

The Breda Mod. 30 machine gun (Italy)
Machine-gun BREN (Great Britain)
Browning Machine Guns (USA)
Machine gun Type 11 (Japan)
Single machine gun MG 34 (Germany)
Degtyarev machine gun DP (USSR)

Automatic Pistols

Pistol VIS 35, Poland
Beretta pistol 1935, Italy
Pistol "Star", Spain
Walther PP pistol, Germany
Walther P.38 pistol (Walter P.38) (PPK), Germany
Pistol Luger "Parabellum", Germany
Mauser Pistol, Germany
Nambu pistols, Japan
Pistol Lahti L-35, Finland
FN Browning M 1906 pistol, Belgium
Colt M1911: the most famous American pistol in history
Tula-Tokarev pistol, TT, USSR

Submachine Guns

Thompson submachine gun - America's Legend
Submachine gun M3, USA
Submachine gun Reising M50, USA
Submachine gun American-180, USA
Dyagterev submachine gun, PPD-34, USSR
Shpagin submachine gun, PPSh-41, USSR
Sudayev submachine gun, PPS, USSR
Korovin submachine gun, PPK, USSR
Submachine gun Bergman-Schmeiser MP-18/1, Germany
Submachine gun MP-28, Germany
Submachine gun MP38 / 40, Germany
Submachine gun MP-43 / Sturmgewehr Stg.44 first assault rifle, Germany
Kijiro Nambu submachine guns, Japan
Submachine gun "Suomi", Finland
Submachine gun Carl Gustaf M45, Sweden
Evelyn Owen submachine gun, Australia
Submachine gun STEN, UK

The Best Small Arms in the World War II: History of the Firearms


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