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: The Age of the Hundred Years War (Journal of Medieval Military History Volume VII)
: Clifford J. Rogers, Kelly DeVries, John France
: Boydell & Brewer
: 2009
: pdf
: 194
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This seventh volume of the Journal of Medieval Military History has a particular focus on western Europe in the late middle ages, and specifically the Hundred Years War; however, the breadth and diversity of approaches found in the modern study of medieval military history remains evident. Some essays focus on specific texts and documents, including Jean de Bueil's famous military treatise-cum-novel, Le Jouvencel; other studies in the volume deal with particular campaigns, from naval operations to chevauch?es of the mid-fourteenth century. There are also examinations of English military leaders of the Hundred Years War, approaching them from prosopographical and biographical angles. The volume also includes a seminal piece, newly translated from the Dutch, by J.F. Verbruggen, in which he employs the financial records of Ghent and Bruges to illuminate the arms of urban militiamen at the end of the middle ages, and analyzes their significance for the art of war.
The Military Role of the Order of the Garter.
The Itineraries of the Black Prince's Chevauch?es of 1355 and 1356: Observations and Interpretations.
The Chevauch?e of John Chandos and Robert Knolles: Early March to Early June, 1369.
'A Voyage, or Rather an Expedition, to Portugal': Edmund of Langley's Journey to Iberia, June/July 1381.
The Battle of Aljubarrota (1385): A Reassessment.
'Military' Knighthood in the Lancastrian Era: the Case of Sir John Montgomery.
Medieval Romances and Military History: Marching Orders in Jean de Bueil's Le Jouvencel introduit aux armes.
Arms and the Art of War: The Ghentenaar and Brugeois Militia in 1477-79.
Accounting for Service at War: the Case of Sir James Audley of Heighley.
The Black Prince in Gascony and France (1355-6), According to MS78 of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.


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