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: Who Killed the Red Baron: The Final Answer
: P. J. Carisella, James W. Ryan
: Fawcett Publications
: 1969
: 292
: 23,6 Mb
: English

THREE planes roared away from a dogfight, headed west along the Somme River. In the lead was a Sopwith Camel flown by a green pilot named Wilfred May. He was maneuvering wildly to evade the twin streams of death from the Spandau machine guns of the red triplane on his tail.
The German so intent on destroying the young Canadian was the apparently invincible Richthofen, the Red Baron. Pursuing Richthofen was Captain Roy Brown, May's superior, desperately trying to save his fledgling. Brown got the triplane in his sights, got in a sustained
burst of fire before overtaking his target and losing sight of it behind some trees. He was sure he had scored. But Richthofen continued his chase through a hail of ground fire after Brown was gone. Then suddenly his guns were silenced and he banked hard to the east, banked sharply again, sideslipped, then glided to earth. He had been killed by a single bullet through heart and lungs. The Red Baron was downed. His age was twenty-five, his air victories were eightytwo numbers to be associated with his name for all time. Had Richthofen flown on after receiving his death wound from Brown? Had some unknown Australian gunner killed the Prussian aristocrat? Could the questions about his death ever be convincingly answered?
The great Richthofen controversy had begun.


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