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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry & Warfare

: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry & Warfare
: Robin Cross
: Metro Books
ISBN: 1435144287
: 2013
: English
C: 324
: 157,6 MB

A comprehensive investigation into the changing nature of weaponry and warfare, from pre-history to the modern day. From Egyptian chariot charges to today's use of combat drones, cutting edge technologies have been harnessed by competing powers in the brutal battle for strategic advantage. Chronological analysis of 3,500 years of armed conflict includes dedicated coverage of history's great captains, the men they led, the weapons they carried, and the crucial campaigns they fought. Feature spreads highlight significant technical and tactical developments that made the difference between victory and defeat, including: medieval siege warfare, guns and gunpowder, the rise of the dreadnought, the role of radar, precision guidance warfare, and the new conflict in cyberspace. Text accompanied throughout with color illustrations, detailed maps and diagrams.


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