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: Norway 1940: The Luftwaffes Scandinavian Blitzkrieg
: James S. Corum, Graham Turner
: Osprey Publishing
: Osprey Air Campaign 22
ISBN: 9781472847454
: 2021
: English
C: 97
: True PDF
: 21,3 MB

The German invasion of Norway was a pivotal moment in modern warfare, the first joint campaign that featured air power as an equal element of all operations. It was, in fact, the superior use of their air force that gave the Germans the decisive margin of victory and ensured the failure of the Allied counter-offensive in central Norway in April and May 1940.
All aspects of air power were employed in Norway, from long-range bombing and reconnaissance to air transport, with the Luftwaffe's ability to transport large numbers of troops and supply ground forces over great distances being particularly important. Norway was the first campaign in history in which key targets were seized by airborne forces, and the first in which air superiority was able to overcome the overwhelming naval superiority of an enemy.


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