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: Marcus Faulkner
: The Great War at Sea A Naval Atlas, 1914-1919
: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1591141923
: 2015
: PDF (conv)
: 30,0
: 192

In the vast literature about World War I there has never been a naval atlas that depicts graphically the complexities of the war at sea, and puts in context the huge significance of the naval contribution to the defeat of Germany.
With more than 125 beautifully designed maps and charts, The Great War At Sea is the only atlas to present all of World War I's great sea battles as well as the smaller operations, convoys, skirmishes, and sinkings. The atlas looks at the many scarcely covered, historically significant events at sea which impacted the land war. This book gives a new and exciting presentation to things such as, the impact of the United States Navy in Europe, operations in the Baltic and northern Russia, and Japanese naval contributions in the Middle East.


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