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Alexander the Great at War: His Army - His Battles - His Enemies (General Military)
: Alexander the Great at War: His Army - His Battles - His Enemies
(): Ruth Sheppard
: Osprey Publishing
: General Military
: 2011
ISBN: 978-1849084802
: 261
: English
: 95 MB

Perhaps the most famous commander of the ancient world, Alexander the Great, and his battles and victories, never cease to fascinate those with any interest in Ancient Greece. He was aged only 20 when he became king of Macedon, but he had already begun to show the military genius that would win him future victories against the mighty Persian Empire. In an epic campaign lasting 11 years, Alexander traveled thousands of miles through deserts, plains and forests, fought huge battles, and besieged many cities to become the master of a massive empire stretching from Greece to India. He died prematurely at the age of just 33, and no man could hold together the empire he had created. A god in his lifetime, his name is still world-famous millennia after his death. This book examines Alexander's campaigns in detail, and his victories - and the tactics that ensured them - are explained and described with the help of maps, illustrations and reconstructions to bring the epic career of one of the ancient civilization's greatest generals to life.


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