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: Roman Military Equipment: From the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome
: M. C. Bishop, J. C. Coulston
: Oxbow Books
: 2016
: True PDF
: 345
: 23 Mb
: English

Rome's rise to empire is often said to have owed much to the efficiency and military skill of her armies and their technological superiority over barbarian enemies. But just how 'advanced' was Roman military equipment? What were its origins and how did it evolve? The authors of this book have gathered a wealth of evidence from all over the Roman Empire's excavated examples as well as pictorial and documentary sources to present a picture of what range of equipment would be available at any given time, what it would look like and how it would function. They examine how certain pieces were adopted from Rome's enemies and adapted to particular conditions of warfare prevailing in different parts of the Empire.


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