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: Images of War - Victory in Europe: Rare photographs from wartime archives
: Andy Rawson
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 184415274X
: 2005
: 144
: 24,4

Sixty years ago, the World had been at war for nearly six years. The cost in life and material terms was appalling Millions of men and women had died, families and nations destroyed and all sides were suffering grievously in human and financial terms. The Allies were closing in on Hitler's Germany from the East, West and South. To historians today, the outcome was inevitable but for those living and fighting at the time nothing could be taken for granted. This book tells in true Images of War style the story of those final months of the Second World War. Unique photography and informed captions capture the Allied campaigns in NW Europe and Italy culminating in the celebration of victory both at home and in theatre.


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