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: Strike Command: At NATOs Front Line
: Peter R. Foster
: Arms and Armour Press
: 1991
[: 48
: 76 Mb
: English

Strike Command: At NATO's Front Line. The Royal Air Force flying units are today divided into two separate commands, Strike Command with its headquarters at High Wycombe and Support Command at Brampton. These two commands came about through the rationalization of the RAF structure and the withdrawal east of Suez, Incorporated within Strike Command are the former Fighter Command, Bomber Command, Transport Command and Coastal Command. These, however, are still represented principally through the Group system, although even the groups themselves have seen rationalization. Today therefore the command structure is split into three main groups dividing the RAF's front line assets into cohesive packages, although at the end of the day they are still all answerable to Strike Command Headquarters, and ultimately the Ministry of Defence.


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