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The Book of the Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan
: Stephen R. Turnbull
: The Book of the Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan
: Gallery Books
: 1982
: 200
: English
: 53 MB

Few countries has a warrior tradition as long and as exciting as that of Japan and it is embodied in one powerful and romantic figure: the loyal, self-sacrificing samurai. He is both a courageous swordsman and an aesthete. He is the commander on the battlefield, the keeper of the peace, the aristocratic administrator, and the avenger of his master. Here is the story of a class that ruled Japan for 700 years, covering such topics as: Samurai organization and clans Fighting strategies and accounts of battles Weapons, armor, and ceremonial dress The golden age of the shoguns The Meiji Restoration and the decline of the samurai Profusely illustrated with reproductions of artwork, line drawings, and photographs, this volume fully explores the colorful and violent warriors of Japan's feudal past.


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