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: Avro Aircraft Since 1908
: A. J. Jackson
: Putnam
ISBN: 037000051X
: 1965
: English
C: 478
: 249,9 MB

A.V.Roe (Avro) was one of the great names in British aviation, its history stretching back to the time when Alliot Verdon Roe began experiments with his first biplane at Brooklands in 1908.It may be claimed that the Avro 504 series of trainers taught the world to fly and there were probably hundreds of thousands who had their first flight in an Avro 504.
The Lancaster Bomber, the Lincoln and the Shackleton wre all developed by Avro, not to mention the largr delta-winged Vulcan which took part in the Falklands campaign, while the company's 748 propellor-turbine airliner plays an important role in world-wide air transport.
All these types plus the extensive range of civil and military Avro aeroplanes are described and illustrated in this standard work which has been greatly expanded and updated by the author's son, Roger Jackson. Numerous three-view drawings and comprehensive production lists are included.


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