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: Stamping the Earth from Space
: Dicati R.
: Springer International Publishing, Switzerland
: 2017
: pdf
: 446
: 51 mb

This unique book presents a historical and philatelic survey of Earth exploration from space. It covers all areas of research in which artificial satellites have contributed in designing a new image of our planet and its environment: the atmosphere and ionosphere, the magnetic field, radiation belts and the magnetosphere, weather, remote sensing, mapping of the surface, observation of the oceans and marine environments, geodesy, and the study of life and ecological systems. Stamping the Earth from Space presents the results obtained with the thousands of satellites launched by the two former superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, and also those of the many missions carried out by the ESA, individual European countries, Japan, China, India, and the many emerging space nations. Beautifully illustrated, it contains almost 1100 color reproductions of philatelic items. In addition to topical stamps and thematic postal documents, the book provides an extensive review of astrophilatelic items. The most important space missions are documented through event covers and cards canceled at launch sites, tracking stations, research laboratories, and mission control facilities.

Prologue: From Sputnik to the International Space Station
Satellite Geodesy
Researches on the Atmosphere
Ionospheric Research with Satellites
Exploration of the Earths Magnetosphere
Meteorological Satellites
Study of Micrometeorites and Cosmic Dust
Earth Remote Sensing
Cartography and Mapping
Oceanography from Space


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