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: The Science of Why 2: Answers to Questions About the Universe, the Unknown, and Ourselves
: Jay Ingram
: Simon & Schuster
: 2017
: 20
: / English

An all-new volume of science questions to delight, entertain, and inform readers of all ages, from bestselling author Jay Ingram. Bestselling author and commentator Jay Ingram is back to explain the magic and mysteries of the world around us. Jay takes readers on a tour of the universe, exploring wonders big and small. From the farthest reaches of space to the most perplexing historical riddles to the marvels of who we are and what were made of, Jay answers the important questions, such as:

Whats inside a black hole?
Will machines ever learn to feel?
How much pee is in the average swimming pool?

Because who hasnt wondered whether were living in a computer simulation? Or whether Atlantis existed? Or why cats always land on their feet?
With wit, wisdom, and whimsical illustrations, The Science of Why 2 will delight readers of all ages with the answers to all these questions and more. Full of fun science facts (and fictions), this is the book that everyones inner science geek needs to read.


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