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: The Story of Stone. Intertextuality, Ancient Chinese Stone Lore, and the Stone Symbolism in Dream of the Red Chamber, Water Margin, and The Journey to the West
: ing Wang; Stanley Fish
: 1992
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: 361
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In this pathbreaking study of three of the most familiar texts in the Chinese traditionall concerning stones endowed with magical propertiesJing Wang develops a monumental reconstruction of ancient Chinese stone lore. Wangs thorough and systematic comparison of these classic works illuminates the various tellings of the stone story and provides new insight into major topics in traditional Chinese literature.
Bringing together Chinese myth, religion, folklore, art, and literature, this book is the first in any language to amass the sources of stone myth and stone lore in Chinese culture. Uniting classical Chinese studies with contemporary Western theoretical concerns, Wang examines these stone narratives by analyzing intertextuality within Chinese traditions. She offers revelatory interpretations to long-standing critical issues, such as the paradoxical character of the monkey inThe Journey to the West, the circularity of narrative logic inThe Dream of the Red Chamber, and the structural necessity of the stone tablet inWater Margin.
By both challenging and incorporating traditional sinological scholarship, WangsThe Story of Stonereveals the ideological ramifications of these three literary works on Chinese cultural history and makes the past relevant to contemporary intellectual discourse. Specialists in Chinese literature and culture, comparative literature, literary theory, and religious studies will find much of interest in this outstanding work, which is sure to become a standard reference on the subject.


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