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: The Science of Memory First Edition
: Editor Charles Ginger
: Future Publishing Umited
: 2020
: True PDF
: 132
: 28.7 Mb
: English

We all have memories. From our earliest recollections of childhood to what we did last night, our memories make us who we are, enabling us to chart our life to date, recall pivotal moments and plan for the future. Yet how much do we actually know about memories? How and why do they form? How many types of memory are there? Why do we have false memories? Is it possible for memories to be passed from one generation to the next? In this book youll discover the answers to all of these questions and many more. Youll delve inside the inner workings of the brain and the different regions responsible for creating and storing memories. Then it will be time to examine the effect of trauma on our ability to retrieve information before meeting a woman who cant remember the key moments in her life. Next youll explore the science of savant minds, past lives and animal memory before stepping into the future and the mission to implant memories inside AI and the robots of tomorrow. Turn the page for what will be an unforgettable journey through the wonders of memory.


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