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The Naked Woman. A study of the female body
: The Naked Woman. A study of the female body
: Desmond Morris
: Vintage Books
: 2005
: pdf
: 318
: 35
: English

Internationally bestselling author and world-famous human behaviorist Desmond Morris turns his attention to the female form, taking the reader on a guided tour of the female body from head to toe. Highlighting the evolutionary functions of various physiological traits, Morris's study explores the various forms of enhancement and constraint that human societies have developed in the quest for the perfect female form.

This is very much vintage Desmond Morris, delivered in his trademark voice: direct, clear, focused, and communicating what is often complex detail in simple language. In The Naked Woman, Desmond builds on his unrivalled experience as an observer of the human animal while tackling one of his most fascinating and challenging subjects to date.

"The Naked Woman. A study of the female body"


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