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: Applied Soft Computing: Techniques and Applications
: Samarjeet Borah, Ranjit Panigrahi
: CRC Press
: 2022
: True PDF
: 287
: 23,8 Mb
: English

This new volume explores a variety of modern techniques that deal with estimated models and give resolutions to complex real-life issues. Soft computing has played a crucial role not only with theoretical paradigms but is also popular for its pivotal role for designing a large variety of expert systems and artificial intelligence-based applications.
Involving the concepts and practices of soft computing in conjunction with other frontier research domains, this book begins with the basics and goes on to explore a variety of modern applications of soft computing in areas such as approximate reasoning, artificial neural networks, Bayesian networks, big data analytics, bioinformatics, cloud computing, control systems, data mining, functional approximation, fuzzy logic, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, hybrid models, machine learning, metaheuristics, neuro fuzzy system, optimization, randomized searches, and swarm intelligence.


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